Weekly ‘random stuff I’d like to make’ roundup

Weekly ‘random stuff I’d like to make’ roundup

Here are some more fun and delicious-looking recipes and articles that have caught my eye this past week; both from my site and from some pretty sweet-looking foodie blogs.

I have decided to finally put my fabulous new cast iron dutch oven to work. And what will be my inaugural dish? A take on this Beef Carbonnade stew from Epicurious with a few steps from The Joy of Cooking (a.k.a.: my favorite cookbook) thrown in. I’m using Fuller’s London Porter for the stewing liquid and adding a red bell pepper and potatoes to the rest of the veg in the stew. Stay tuned for pics and the recipe!

BabyCakes bakery in Downtown Disney: Vegan and gluten-free indulgence – My review of the new branch of NYC’s popular vegan bakery.

An unlikely pair: Cheese paired with coffee is a buzz for your taste buds – Our cheese guru, Kira, pairs different cheeses from various coffee blends from a local roaster. Be sure to check out her fab blog, Whey Cool Curds.

The Urban Daddy blog touts these Boozy Donuts, “warm donuts injected with some of your favorite cocktails.” Unfortunately, they can only be found at Flex Mussels in NYC and the recipe isn’t listed online. I smell a copycat recipe challenge.

Add to the ‘Want to Make’ list:

The Brazilian cocktail (Yum Sugar) – This South American-inspired drink is “one part healthy smoothie, one part fizzy spa cocktail.” And, no, it’s not named after the popular waxing technique.

Baked Buffalo Chicken Nachos (How Sweet Is Is) – If buffalo chicken dip and nachos had a baby, this would be that dish. And it would be delicious. Easy game day fare! …even if you’ll just be watching the Puppy Bowl next Sunday.

Cast Iron Roasted Clams
(Epicurious) – This will very likely be the next recipe I make in my cast iron pan. I’m also going to serve some toasted crusty bread on the side for dipping in the sauce. Can’t wait!

Classic Northern Chicken Curry (2 Stews) – Being a novice at cooking Indian food, this recipe looks super simple with an authentic-looking result. Plus, you won’t have to go all over kingdom come searching for specialty ingredients.

Crack (“Kettle”) Corn (Neo-Homesteading) – I’m assuming the “crack” part is because it will taste so good you’ll crave it like a crackhead craves crack…? Ha! This recipe for kettle corn does it old school-style and cooks the kernels in a cast iron pot. (And I’ll give you three guesses who has one.)

Guinness Chocolate Milkshake (Boulder Locavore) – Beer, chocolate and ice cream. Normally, you’d say one of those doesn’t belong, but with this boozy treat, the three elements combine to make a heavenly-looking dessert shake.

The Intensi-Toddy cocktail (Joylicious) – Kick that cold in the ass and still get to booze it up with this spicy, rum-laden take on the Hot Toddy.

Malaysian Butter Chicken (Tastes of Home) – Having never cooked Malaysian food before, this recipe looks simple enough for a beginner. And yummy.

Punch Drunk Monkey Bread (The Fresh Fridge) – I love me some booze in recipes! Is a trend with my recipe picks starting to emerge here? Anyway, this recipe takes one of my favorite, easy go-to brunch recipes and adds rum. Awesome.

Short Rib Ragu with Creamy Polenta (The Parsley Thief) – A little involved, but would be well worth the effort and, quite simply, it looks divine.  Another great one for my dutch oven (though I might leave out the anchovy paste).

Whoopie Pies with Mint Filling and Chocolate Ganache (Epicurious) – Whoopie pies meet Thin Mint cookies. Yum!

Have any recipe suggestions? Let me know!

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