Top Chef Podcast – Just Desserts season 2, Ep. 2: Disharmonious desserts

Top Chef Podcast – Just Desserts season 2, Ep. 2: Disharmonious desserts

During the newest episode ofTop Chef Just Desserts, there was plenty of drama but not much delivery — delivery of entertainment, that is.

When life gives you lemons, make dessert! The Quickfire welcomed famed cake artist Margaret Braun as guest judge. She challenged the pastry chef’testants to create a delicious and original dessert with lemon as the star ingredient. What we learned from this challenge: Chocolate and caramel aren’t the greatest flavor pairings with lemon. We also saw an infringement of Top Chef Rule #27 by Orlando: Don’t talk smack about the guest judges (the ones who are culinary professionals, that is) — they’re more experienced than the chef’testants and they deserve respect, plus it just looks tacky and unprofessional (and could come back to bite you in the ass later). Matthew ended up taking the win and immunity in the Elimination Challenge with his Lemon Vanilla Créme with Mint Purée and Hazelnut Sable.

For the Elimination, the chefs had to team up in trios to build towering cakes for an event at the Walt Disney Philharmonic in L.A. The rules: each team member had to create a layer for the cake that represented them (in flavor?) and they all had to make it look purty on the outside. Not an easy task when one has to present their creations in the hot sun and/or the person decorating it doesn’t know what they’re doing.

As for the Judges’ Table results, I do agree with whom the judges sent home. There are a handful of people I see (or should say, think should be) going home in the very near future but who have gotten lucky — either being put on a stellar team or just not being the worst of the teams on the bottom: Craig, Rebecca and Melissa. But I’ve been wrong in the past for making predictions like this too early in the game. Hopefully, they’ll learn to step it up in the weeks to come!

Want to know what happened? Listen to the podcast here to find out!

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