Top Chef Podcast: Finally, the finale! Top Chef Masters 3, ep. 10 recap

Top Chef Podcast: Finally, the finale! Top Chef Masters 3, ep. 10 recap

This is it kids, the episode many of us have been eagerly awaiting: the finale! (a.k.a.: The episode where they’re finally allowed to cook their own food — no crazy challenges included.)

The remaining chefs included Mary Sue Milliken, Traci Des Jardins and Floyd Cardoz, and they were challenged with creating a three-course meal for the judges’ as well as some familiar faces from Top Chef Masters seasons past. With the help of their sous chefs, they were to draw from their own favorite food memories for the first two courses, but for the third course, each had to recreate a favorite dish of one of the judges. Thank goodness Gael Greene got to stand in for Danyelle Whatsherface for this challenge, otherwise, who knows what Traci would’ve had to cook up.

Much like the rest of the season, there was minimal drama — the horrible L.A. traffic that held up Floyd from prepping being the worst of it. Instead of the heat and strife we see during a regular Top Chef finale, there was lots of love and gushing over one another going on in kitchen.

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Listen to the podcast here! (Scroll to bottom and use player on the post.)

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