Top Chef Podcast – All-Stars Ep. 14: Caribbean conch fight

Top Chef Podcast – All-Stars Ep. 14: Caribbean conch fight

top_chef_logo_lgOnly four chefs remain on Top Chef All-Stars and they’re definitely starting to get “in the juice” (whatever that means).

I’m a day late on this post and recording the podcast, as I’ve been in the Caribbean myself (well, close enough) this week and was without access to the Bravo channel. But, not wanting to let down our readers/listeners, I’ve come into work just to throw this together and to make sure you all can rest a little easier this weekend knowing that we didn’t skip out on you this week.

Those preview videos sure have been fooling me, because I swore that the 100-dish “consistency” challenge was supposed to be the Elimination Challenge. Anyway, the chefs had to pair up and make 100 dishes that all looked and tasted the same. After hating on and smack talkin’ the girls, Team Blais-Isabella were the ones with egg on their faces when they lost the challenge. It’s called karma, boys, and she’s a bitch.

As for the Elimination, the chefs had to use local seafood as the highlighted proteins for their dishes. The catch? They had to go dive for their own conch. Surprisingly enough, even with his horrible swimming skills, Blais did end up grabbing some conch to use in his innovative sweet potato “linguine” with conch and spiny lobster. And it looked amazing. Too bad it didn’t win. Maybe if he threw a dash of confidence in the dish, it would’ve been more successful.

As for the rest of the chefs, the diners’ and judges’ comments seemed to clash a bit — one group loving something, while the other just didn’t get it. In the end, it came down to dish continuity and consistency, and the person chopped was, as Tom stated in his Bravo blog, “outcooked by the other three chefs.”

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