Top Chef Podcast – All-Stars Ep. 15: The pre-finale finale

Top Chef Podcast – All-Stars Ep. 15: The pre-finale finale

top_chef_logo_lgThree chefs remained at the beginning last night’s episode of Top Chef All-Stars and

The Quickfire was an interesting twist on Top Chef challenge twists: each chef choose the other’s challenge (i.e.: one-pot meal, canned food, etc.), then chose the second round of twists which were revealed halfway through the challenge (cook with one arm, use no utensils, etc.). Was anyone else as confused as I was? Anyway, they all ended up finishing on time, Carla made a guest appearance, they were judged by Wolfgang Puck and then Jersey Mike won the challenge.

As for the Elimination, the chefs had to each cook the requested last meal of a famous chef/guest judge, and the lineup included: Wolfgang Puck, Morimoto and Michelle Bernstein. Since Mike won the Quickfire, he got to choose who Blais and Antonia would be cooking for. Mike chose Bernstein for himself, who wanted fried chicken and biscuits; Blais got Puck, who wanted goulash, spaetzle, and apple shtrooodulll; and Antonia had to cook Morimoto’s requested meal of miso soup, pickled mushrooms and sashimi.

Thankfully, Blais put a little confidence into his food this week and won the challenge. The judges had an issue with Antonia’s salty miso soup and overly spicy sashimi, and Mike’s empanada-biscuit hybrid puzzled them. Before choosing who would go home, Padma revealed an envelope with a final challenge for the two: create a “one bite” dish in 45 minutes.

Gee, they got to do an extra challenge without 15 minutes being tacked onto the end of show? Who woulda thought they could do that?!

The judges had a very hard time deciding — a split decision with Puck being the final vote. I won’t reveal who was sent home but it was a nail-biting 5 minutes before they announced their decision.

*Podcast Bonus*: Behind-the-scenes video! I promise it’ll be up soon, so keep checking back! We dedicated and sang a song to Blais to inspire confidence in him to win in the finale (even though they’ve already taped it).

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