Tonight’s Top Chef Masters preview: It’s getting harder and harder to cook

Tonight’s Top Chef Masters preview: It’s getting harder and harder to cook

On tonight’s episode of Top Chef Masters:

These Quickfire challenges are getting crazy! Last week, they had 12 minutes to prep a cheese-based appetizer, while tonight, the chefs only have 7 minutes to create their dish — looks like they have to use high-end ingredients: foie gras, caviar, etc. What’s next? A 2 minute Quickfire?! In the words of Glenn Frey, “The heat is on.”

I am very happy to announce that there will be yet another hottie gracing our TV screens tonight: Adam Levine! Oh yeah, and the rest of the Maroon 5 band members will be there too. (While they’re all very talented, there’s a reason that Adam is the face of the band.) I’m also excited that Gail Simmons from regular Top Chef will be sitting in as guest judge — because apparently Ruth Reichl is pulling an Anthony Bourdain again this episode (as in, not showing up).

The chefs must prepare a vegetarian meal served family-style for Maroon 5 and the judges. The twist? (Spoiler alert because this isn’t mentioned in the preview video.) They have to cook on a tour bus!

Preview video highlights:

  • Hugh: “I’m making the most elaborate cat food of all time.” I guess we’ll be seeing his mug on cans of Fancy Feast in the near future.
  • She seems to be rather tame in the preview video (below), but I’m hoping Danyelle doesn’t desperately throw herself at Adam Levine like she did to Curtis last week (there’s a reason they put her at the end of the table).
  • For as much bragging as these chefs will be doing to their kids about meeting Maroon 5, I’m hoping they got their autographs or something to bring home. Telling your kids, “Hey, I met Maroon 5!,” just won’t cut it.

Check out the preview videos below.


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