Tonight’s Top Chef Masters preview: Christina Hendricks. ‘Nuff said.

Tonight’s Top Chef Masters preview: Christina Hendricks. ‘Nuff said.

top_chef_logoOn tonight’s episode of Top Chef Masters:

Kelis is bringing her milkshake to the Top Chef Masters yard tonight, charging the chefs with grinding their own meat and making something delicious from it (these previews don’t give me much to work with), as well as acting as Quickfire judge. Did you know she was a trained chef? News to me.

As for the Elimination Challenge, my girl crush for Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks is fully realized when she and her husband, actor Geoffrey Arend, give the chefs their challenge of modernizing some popular dishes from the ’60s. I’m hoping to see both a Jell-o mold and some form of meatloaf revamped with a fabulous new makeover — and will sneer at any chef who creates some deconstructed mess. (Extra points for any Firefly references during tonight’s live tweet party.)

Preview video highlights:

  • The majority of the chefs are struggling with attaching the hand crank meat grinders to the prep tables, let alone being able to actually use them. I find this surprising.
  • John Currence: “It sounds like we’re heading into the teeth of the storm.” Gee, I’m from the hurricane and lightning capital of the world (Tampa, FL) and I didn’t even know storms had teeth!
  • Sassy Suvir isn’t feeling the love in the kitchen and is muscled out of being able to use the stove, so he’s left with only a fryer in which to cook his dish. ESCANDALO!

Check out the preview videos below.

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