Tonight’s Top Chef Just Desserts preview: A hot mess of cakes (videos)

Tonight’s Top Chef Just Desserts preview: A hot mess of cakes (videos)

On tonight’s episode of Top Chef Just Desserts, it looks like a hot mess of cakes.

The chefs must team up again this week to make towering cakes with a musical theme. The preview videos don’t reveal if this is for the Quickfire or the Elimination challenge, but regardless, it looks to be challenging enough as they have to display their cakes outside in the hot sun…and watch as they all slowly fall apart (the cakes, that is).

The preview videos were a bit ‘meh’ this week — they definitely could have used a dose of bitchery by sassy Orlando throwin’ some shade or another shot of the inexperienced Craig freaking out. Yes, I know I complained to high heaven during last season that the show was on drama overload and had too many mental breakdowns, but isn’t that what we’ve all come to expect from the show to a certain degree? Bravo knows that drama and bitchery make for “good” TV (and by “good” I mean, gets decent ratings due to the onscreen drama).

The only decent quote from the preview videos (below):
“I feel a little bit like Van is on a runaway train of cocoa butter color, musical instruments and glitter — GLITTER.” Doesn’t Katzie know that glitter — particularly when paired with unicorns — makes everything better?!

Anyhow, for plenty of snark and a dash of good ol’ fashioned sass, listen to the podcast tomorrow!

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