Tonight’s Top Chef All-Stars preview: Snack attack!

Tonight’s Top Chef All-Stars preview: Snack attack!

top_chef_logo_lg On tonight’s episode of Top Chef: All-Stars, The five remaining chef’testants find themselves on a boat (again) for their Quickfire Challenge and must cook for family members for the Elimination. I have to say that I’m excited about tonight’s challenges, as A. they’re utilizing their surroundings in NYC, and B. we get to learn a little more about the chefs’ backgrounds.

The Quickfire tonight takes place on the Ellis Island Ferry and is reminiscent of the snack machine and quickie mart challenges of seasons past, as the chefs have to create a dish using only the food items available to them in the snack bar. Also, they’re unsure of their time limit– starting and stopping when the ferry horn blows — and have no countdown clock to refer to.

When they arrive at Ellis Island, they’re greeted by family members and are asked to create a dish based on their family heritage. I’m hoping that Blais has a mad scientist in his family tree, thus explaining his frequent use of molecular gastronomy.

Preview video highlights:

  • Carla has “anemic” biscuits. Somebody get them an IV, stat!
  • After giving Tre hell for his failure of a risotto a few episodes back, Antonia (the risotto expert) takes on the dish for the Elimination Challenge. Foreshadowing?
  • “If you’re gonna go, going right near the end, I think is the toughest to swallow.” Um, I’m hoping that Blais is referring to getting eliminated when they’re so close to the finale.
  • Jersey/Judas Mike can count!

This week’s question: If you were on that boat to Ellis Island, who would you throw off?

Check out the preview videos below.

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Snack Bar Quickfire
Cooking to Stay

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