Tonight’s Top Chef All-Stars preview: Cookie craze

Tonight’s Top Chef All-Stars preview: Cookie craze

top_chef_logo_lgOn tonight’s episode of Top Chef: All-Stars, the chefs are drawing inspiration from two very American concepts: Sesame Street and the supercenter.

The Quickfire Challenge is to create “the perfect cookie” that satisfies the discerning tastes of The Cookie Monster, Telly (the purple guy with the big nose), and Elmo. How much do you want to bet Carla does her happy/hyperventilating dance when they announce that Sesame Street characters will be the guest judges?

For the Elimination, the chef’testants have to invade the local Target store in the middle of the night and create a dish using whatever they can find in the aisles. Does this include items not normally thought of as “edible”, like tires or notebooks?

Preview video highlights:

  • Angry Dale claims that he “isn’t a cookie person.” Big surprise there. No, I see him as more of a marshmallow Fluff and peanut butter sandwich kinda guy. (*sarcasm*)
  • “Is there ever going to be a challenge where he [Blais] doesn’t use liquid nitrogen?,” asks Jersey Mike after learning Blais is making a cookie with it. The answer from now on in the season is “no.” I fear that Richie thinks going back to his molecular gastronomy roots may win him the title.
  • Angelo is sporting some fabulous black knee-high socks with denim shorts whilst cooking in Target. Ange-NO! This isn’t Wal-Mart! And I thought he was supposed to be the “fashionable” one of the group.
  • Jersey Mikes tastes Angelo’s soup and says it’s “missing something”, thus prompting Angelo to freak out and season the hell out of it. Do I smell sabotage?

This week’s question: If the chef’testants were Sesame Street or Muppets characters, which ones would they be?

Check out the preview videos below.

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It’s Cookie Time
Target Challenge

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  1. What ever happened to Angelo’s Russian mail-order bride? Did we find out?

    I like Dale. Yeah, he has a big ole chip on his shoulder, but the damned guy can cook.

    Can’t wait for tonight’s show!!!

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