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Asian Style Noodles with Roast Pork and Peanut Sauce

Asian Style Noodles with Roast Pork and Peanut Sauce

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Tired of takeout or bland freezer food for those busy weeknight dinners? Here’s a quick, easy and exotic meal idea that’s a breeze to prepare and sure to please everyone at your dinner table.

For this Asian-inspired dish, I used Stubb’s Pork Marinade as the base for marinating a pork tenderloin. The flavors of lemongrass, chilies, and lime in Stubb’s Pork Marinade make the perfect flavor base for an Asian-style dish. With the addition of a little extra garlic, ginger and fresh lime juice, I marinated pork tenderloin for a few hours, then seared and roasted it to give it a nice browned crust. Noodles in a zesty peanut sauce make a great accompaniment to the pork and can be quickly whipped up while the pork is cooking.

Besides the marinating time, this meal can be prepared and on the table in about thirty minutes or less. Better yet, you may already have some of the ingredients on-hand, like peanut butter and soy sauce, and the rest of the ingredients can be easily found at your grocery store. Don’t have any Asian noodles? No problem. Standard spaghetti or fettuccine pasta make great substitutions. And if peanuts pose an allergy issue, simply substitute almond butter and almonds for the peanut products.

Try these Asian-style noodles with roast pork tenderloin and peanut sauce tonight and you may never have to dig out those takeout menus again.

Check out the recipe on Stubb’s Legendary Bar-B-Q’s website!