‘Random stuff I’d like to make’ roundup

‘Random stuff I’d like to make’ roundup

My apologies for skipping my ‘Random’ roundup last week (and pretty much neglecting my blog lately). I was fortunate enough to spend the better part of last week in Key West, taking in the sights, culture and of course, the food. Anyway, since I came home late Thursday and was exhausted, I was in no shape to celebrate St. Patty’s Day which is why all of these Irish-themed recipes are on my list this week. Maybe I should just celebrate a week late, eh? 😉

Keep an eye out for my Key West food adventures post in the near future!

Here are some more fun and delicious-looking recipes and articles that have caught my eye this past week; both from the site I run and from some pretty sweet-looking foodie blogs.
Black Velvet (12 Bottle Bar) – Now this is what I would’ve been drinking had I celebrated St. Patty’s Day this year. Like me, it’s classy and half Irish (lol). The next time I have Champagne and Guinness in my fridge, I’m throwing this together.

Bloody Bourbon (Sippity Sup) – Freshly-squeezed blood orange juice, bourbon and mint. Sounds like an interesting flavor profile!

Dubliner Cheese and Harp Fondue (A Spicy Perspective) – I’ve seen this done with Guinness (and the usual white wine), but I like the twist of using Harp, another Irish beer that’s often overshadowed by Guinness during St. Patrick’s Day.

Herbal Tuna Salad (My Life Runs on Food) – I like this recipe because it throws together a bunch of ingredients in what would have otherwise been a boring old tuna sandwich. Fresh herbs, scallions, Greek yogurt (in place of mayo), olive pesto, white balsamic vinegar — yum!

Honey and Saffron Liqueur (Eat Boutique) – A vodka-based liqueur flavored with honey, vanilla bean, cinnamon, peppercorns, nutmeg, saffron and lemon zest. Why spend big bucks on expensive, fancy-flavored booze when you can make something cool like this at home?

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes (Bakers Royale) -These are the cupcakes I was going to make… but I was on vacation last week. Oh well, I know where to find the recipe next year (or if I decide to make them next week)!

Kimchi Reuben Sandwich (Closet Cooking) – Talk about fusing two cuisines that you’d never think to! This recipe not only uses kimchi in place of sauerkraut in the sandwich, but also replaces the Russian dressing with a homemade gochujang (a Korean condiment) Russian dressing. Very cool!

Reuben Egg Rolls (Simple Comfort Food) – Another Reuben fusion dish this week, combining the famous German sandwich with the ever-popular Asian egg roll appetizers.

Tagalong Cookie Crescent Rolls (CL Tampa Food) – These Girl Scout cookie-crescent roll hybrids look incredible and sinful at the same time. So yeah, I’d say these are “incredibly sinful” — but worth every bite.

That’s all for this week. Keep posting great recipes, fellow foodie bloggers!

Ciao for now! 😀

Image via Hits and Hobbies (who is also selling this design on a CafePress t-shirt!)

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