New posts and random finds roundup

New posts and random finds roundup

Since I was too lazy (and busy working) today to come up with anything original today, I’ve decided to list some interesting and yummy-looking posts I’ve found today — and a few by me or my writers from the site I run and others I’ve found whilst perusing the foodie sites.

Cigar City Brewing invites local artists to design the 2011 Tocobaga Red Ale label – One of our fantabulous local brewing companies, Cigar City (who are also making quite a name for themselves), is taking design submissions for the label of one of their upcoming brews. The prize? $500 and a case of the beer!

SideBern’s Dean Hurst dishes on becoming a finalist for the 2010 Vinos De Jerez Cocktail Competition (and shares his recipe) – I talked to one of Tampa’s finest mixologists, Dean Hurst, about becoming a finalist in the national Sherry cocktail competition. He gives advice for newbie bartender/mixologists and even gives away his (not-so-secret) recipe. And from firsthand experience, the guy has a gift for creating cocktails.

Beer and film pairing: Harry and the Hendersons and Great Divide’s Espresso Oak Aged Yeti – Tom likes to pair beer and movies. Strange as it sounds, he does a great job at it. This one is a fun read and, after reading his review of the beer, I want some of that Great Divide Yeti beer!
Bacon Cheddar Biscuits (TheshoeboxKitchen) – Two words: Bacon. Cheddar. Two more words: Om. Nom. Get my point?

Homemade Kahlua (Lipstick Blogger) – Once my Patron XO runs out, I’m whipping up some of this!

The Blue Brew: English Stilton Beer (The Urban Grocer) – Yes, Stilton as in the cheese. There’s cheese in the beer! Sounds odd…oddly tempting. Heck, I’d try (almost) anything once!

Mini Baked Donuts (Baking with Carla) – They’re just so cuuute! And they’re just about guilt-free.

Sausage Stuffed Squash (Phoo-d) – Not only does this feature a whole squash filled with sausage, rice, veggies and pine nuts, it also looks gorgeous.

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