Nat’l Peanut Butter Day, molecular gastronomy starter kit, lion tacos and more fun food news

Nat’l Peanut Butter Day, molecular gastronomy starter kit, lion tacos and more fun food news

First order of business: HAPPY NATIONAL PEANUT BUTTER DAY! I can’t believe my day is almost over and I’ve just found out about this! But thanks to Tastespotting and their drool-worthy peanut butter recipe roundup, I have been informed and will be celebrating. Well, I did start my day with a dollop of natural peanut butter in my breakfast smoothie. Maybe I’ll finish off more of those Reese’s cups left over from Halloween. (They don’t have a shelf life, right?)

Ooh ooh, look what I found today: a Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit on ThinkGeek! Because “nouveau-cuisine is so last year.” It includes 5 different food additives (Sodium Alginate, Xantham Gum, etc.), fun little tools (and a syringe in case you don’t already have those lying around) and a DVD with recipe demos. Like Marcel on Top Chef All-Stars, you too can now make all the foam that your little heart desires. Watch the video trailer for it here. FYI: This will be added to my half birthday (April 30th) gift list.
Loving: America’s Top 10 New Sandwiches on HuffPo Food. The mac n’ cheese with BBQ pulled pork is just plain genius. But the updated “Luther Vandross” may give the original Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger a run for its money:

“At ChurchKey, a house-made brioche donut is glazed in savory maple-chicken jus and topped with warm pieces of oven-baked pecans. While that sounds like a meal already, the brioche is cut in half and stuffed with a hunk of buttermilk fried chicken and wedges of applewood smoked bacon.”

Waiter, I’ll have a side of coronary artery disease with that, please.

Loathing: Lion meat tacos in Tucson, AZ. That’s just wrong. I like trying exotic foods, but I think I’d actually feel a little guilty eating lion. Plus, I’d be eating cat and that doesn’t sit well with me either. But I did get a hearty LOL out of a comment on my friend’s Facebook wall when she posted this story: “Now that’s what I call a mane course!” (Via Slashfood)

Yet another sign of the apocalypse: Flavor Flav is opening a fried chicken chain. Thank goodness there’s only one right now and it’s in Iowa. (I’m sorry, Iowa.) And what kind of “culinary degree” does he have, anyway? (Via HuffPo Food)

In case you missed it last week, check out my Yoo-hoo cocktail, The Hooville, post. I wish I could take credit for this wonderful cocktail, but it was fun to drink nonetheless. It does get my creative juices flowing, though. What other kiddie drinks would make fun ‘adults only’ cocktails?

In non-food ramblings:

I’m finally getting a Droid Incredible later this week! I think I’m most excited about its 8 megapixel camera and the fact that I’ll be able to tweet my fun food pics in a flash! Are there any apps you fellow Droid owners recommend? Free ones are always awesome, too.

Yeah, my blog is a bit basic-looking right now, but I’m looking into to spiffing it up a bit. It’s really sad that there are a bazillion home cooks out there with fancier blogs than mine. Are there any freelance designers or websites you recommend? I need some decent bang for my buck!

Ciao for now! 😉

Image: Ann@74 via Flickr.

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